The Financial Report Analysis allows us to analyze business financial statements and processes to better understand the financial health and stability of a company. The process also helps us identify hidden business profits, in turn finding ways to create more efficiency, cash flow, and profits. The charts below represent a number of key areas that we evaluate during the Financial Report Analysis.

• Learn more about what drives your margins and profits
• Get recommendations on adjustments
• Bar and Pie Charts

This chart represents the net increase or decrease in both revenue and growth trends of the business. This isn’t a representation of total sales or expenses, but rather the change from the previous year’s numbers. You’ll see an increase in business revenues from 2016 vs. 2015 and a continued decrease in expenses.

This chart displays the Hidden Profit® Comparisons in each category, where there were hidden business profits uncovered based on the previous year’s performance. You’ll see a decrease in the Hidden Profits® in 2016 vs. 2015.