About Profit Pros®

Profit Pros® has served over 200 businesses, and has ingested around 3 billion dollars into the Profit Recovery™ Platform, generating over $200,000,000 in profits recovered and counting.

This cloud-based platform is designed to uncover Hidden Profits® and create opportunities through efficient business analysis – regardless of industry or size. Profit Pros® is here to assist Trusted Advisors and to help Business Owners better understand their strengths and inefficiencies.

Our Team

Neil Blanchard - Founder/CEO

After 17 years of Engineering he left in 1997 and went into sales for 2 years before beginning his entrepreneur career by opening 10 different businesses in 7 states from 1999-2003 under the name of Laser Advantage, LLC. These businesses were sold between 2003-2005. In 2004 he started Laser Advantage Consulting, LLC, a national training and consulting company. Within 2 years it was generating over $1 million in annual revenue and over $18 million in total sales through 2011 while managing 16 employees with about 2000 customers throughout North America.  Neil started his next business, Advanced Business Solutions LLC., in 2012 with a clear picture on what he wanted to accomplish. One lesson he learned and is doing differently is creating a more diversified and scalable business. Knowing that about half of new businesses fail within the first 4 or 5 years and that 60% were profitable at the time they closed their doors, he recognized an opportunity of taking a new idea to fill a void for an underserved market space for small businesses. Once he was through the proof of concept working with about 100 local businesses he started developing and launched a SaaS company under the name of ProfitPros®, dba, which has become their signature reporting process. He continues development of other financial support tools which include an integrated budgetary, forecasting, cash flow and job costing features.  These features will come with an educational component as well. Now he is scaling Profit Pros nationally with several sales channels and various verticals that have been previously identified.

Mark Luger - VP Sales & Marketing

Mark is a seasoned veteran in the fields of Sales, Marketing, Technology Transfer and Public Relations for over 30 years. Mark cut his teeth with the family business as a manufacturer’s representative, a company that spanned 3 generations, which began in 1928. His father, James Luger served as his mentor over the years and helped create the foundation of integrity, honesty, trust and dignity. He has worked with numerous industries over the years along with technology startups in Computers, Online, Telecom, Marketing, Translation, Magnetic Media, Travel, AR/VR and Video Production. He believes that there are opportunities all around us, and you have to be like a human satellite dish to collect them.  To date, Mark has amassed millions of dollars in sales and believes that utilizing marketing automation and support services can help enable and sustain conventional sales pipeline activity. Mark is married to Cristina, from Brazil and has a son, Mark Jr. Mark loves to play tennis with his wife and take long walks.

Jeffrey Luger – Sales Manager

Jeffrey is an accomplished sales and marketing expert with over 30 years of experience.  His entrepreneurial background is woven throughout his career.  Leading the charge at Loffler, he was the #1 salesperson out of 22 reps.  He was the first to knock out Xerox as an incumbent in a 25-year account with a school district in the Lake Minnetonka area yielding over half a million in sales. Cost reduction services played a major role in his past, today and into the future. Jeffrey created a national network of 52 dealers, 110 waste haulers and 70 recycling companies that worked in concert together to deliver a 90% close ratio.  In addition, he has assisted companies in cutting their costs by as much as 75% and creating a demand for their unique products and services. His ability to recognize an opportunity, capture it in such a way and bring it to fruition are just a few reasons why Jeffrey is an innovator and business specialist in the areas of sales and management.

Deb Blanchard -
Customer Service Director

Deb Blanchard is our Customer Service Director and is in charge of communications with our providers and clients for Profit Pros. She will also be coordinating the Sales, Training and Data Entry departments while overseeing our employees.  Deb came from an entrepreneurial background. Her parents were business owners and she purchased their business and ran it for 5 years. Having met Neil, they started consulting in the medical aesthetics field. She trained over a 1000 medical professionals over 10 years on how to run their business and how to use aesthetic lasers.  Together they opened 10 clinics throughout the US. She has managed and overseen 14 trainers and employees within the organization while maintaining a 96% client approval rating. Her customer service skills and employee productivity and proficiency are what she excels at.  Customer service and accountability has always been a priority for her and she strives to exceed those expectations. She works well with others and believes with her hard work her employees know what she expects in return. Deb and Neil have been married for 15 years and have 10 grandchildren between them. She loves spending time with family and is a Customer Service leader at Profit Pros.